2018-2019 Curriculum

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The ICC’s curriculum is structured upon the classical liberal arts and divided into four quarters, corresponding to the Church’s major liturgical cycles (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Paschal Season), the calendar year (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer), and a fourfold division of the history of the world (Pre-Christian, Early Christian, Medieval and Renaissance, and Modern). Within each educational quarter the major disciplines of a Catholic liberal arts education are studied (i.e., history, philosophy, theology, literature, etc.) by focusing upon specific topics, ideas, and events that are important to the time period (Pre-Christian, Early Christian, etc.) and helped to shape the story of salvation history. Much more than a series of speakers, the Institute offers an organic education in the Catholic Faith, introducing attendees to the glorious story of God’s work among men.

Quarter I - Fall/Winter

The first quarter of the ICC curriculum year, beginning just before the Advent season and concluding with the celebration of the Nativity of the Lord, focuses on the ancient and biblical world, the fundamentals of human nature, and Old Testament revelation, preparing attendees for the advent of the Christ and the beginning of the Christian era.


HistoryHistory – The Ancient and Biblical World

Out of the Mist: The Rise of the Ancient Celtic People

PhilosophyPhilosophy – Pre-Christian Philosophy and Human Nature

Plato’s Republic: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World

TheologyTheology – Jewish and Pagan Thought

Glory to God! The Angelic Choirs & the Nativity of Christ

SacredScriptureSacred Scripture – Old Testament

Sacred Scripture: A Comprehensive Study of the Word of God

LiturgicalLiturgical Studies – Jewish Liturgical Studies and Advent Festal Days

In the Fullness of Time: Discovering God’s Plan for the Incarnation

CatecheticsCatechetics – Introduction to the Catechism and the Creed

De Fidei: The Study of the Theological Virtue of Faith

PoliSciLiterature – Religious Literature of the Ancient World

Visions of Paradise: A Study of Sirach

CultureCultural, Practical, and Special Topics

Fidei Depositum Part IV: Christian Prayer

Quarter II - Winter/Spring

The second quarter of the ICC curriculum year, beginning with Christmas and concluding with Easter, focuses on the revelation of Jesus Christ, the history of the apostolic and patristic age, the fundamentals of Christian morality, the Church, and the Sacramental system.

HistoryHistory – The Early Church

Island of Salvation: The Birth of Celtic Christianity

PhilosophyPhilosophy – The Early Christian Philosophy and Ethics

Word, Wisdom, & Power: Understanding the Logos of God

TheologyTheology – Patristics and Early Councils/Issues

Ministers of Fire: A Patristic Study of the Angels

SacredScriptureSacred Scripture – Gospels

Sacred Scripture: A Comprehensive Study of the Word of God

LiturgicalLiturgical Studies – Early Christian Liturgical Studies and Festal Cycle of Christmas and Lent

Like a Lamb: The Suffering Servant & the Prophecy of Isaiah

CatecheticsCatechetics – The Church and the Sacraments

Liturgy & Life: Restoring Liturgical Catechesis

LiteratureLiterature – Early Christian Writings

I Arise Today! The Breastplate of St. Patrick

CultureCultural, Practical, and Special Topics

Crucified with Christ: Solemn Sung Stations of the Cross

Quarter III - Spring/Summer

The third quarter of the ICC curriculum year, beginning with the celebration of the Resurrection through the season of Pentecost, introduces attendees to the book of Acts and the Epistles, the Medieval and Renaissance world, the scholastic philosophical tradition, and the Church’s spiritual patrimony.

HistoryHistory – The Medieval and Renaissance World

Faith of Our Fathers: The Glory of Catholic Ireland

PhilosophyPhilosophy – Medieval and Scholastics/Metaphysics and Epistemology

Realizing Reality: The Medicine of Metaphysics

TheologyTheology – Medieval and Scholastic Theology

De Ecclesia: The Nature of the Church & the Salvation of the World

SacredScriptureSacred Scripture – Acts and Epistles

Sacred Scripture: A Comprehensive Study of the Word of God

LiturgicalLiturgical Studies – Medieval and Renaissance Liturgical Studies; Festal Cycle of Easter and Pentecost

A Pilgrim for Christ: The Life of St. Columcille

CatecheticsCatechetics – The Moral Life

Capitalism, Corruption, & Communion: Catholic Economic Theory & the Common Good

PoliSciLiterature – Catholic Medieval and Renaissance Classics

Illuminated by God: An Artistic Study of the Book of Kells

Quarter IV - Summer/Fall

The fourth quarter of the ICC curriculum year, offered during the summer and early fall months, offers an examination of the issues facing Christians in the modern world, including biblical apologetics, modern philosophical errors, and modern moral problems, equipping attendees with valuable tools necessary to offer a reasoned and convincing defense for the Faith they profess.

HistoryHistory – The Church in the Modern World

Fighting for Faith: The Irish War of Independence

PhilosophyPhilosophy – Modern Philosophical Issues/Errors

Modern Imagination and the Monster Under Your Bed

TheologyTheology – Modern Theological Issues

Quanta Cura: A Study of the Syllabus of Errors

SacredScriptureSacred Scripture – Biblical Apologetics and Special Topics

Sacred Scripture: A Comprehensive Study of the Word of God

LiturgicalLiturgical Studies – Modern Liturgical Issues

Liturgical Art: Pathway to Spiritual Transformation

CatecheticsCatechetics – Spirituality and Prayer

The Vision For You: Discover the Life You Were Made For

PoliSciLiterature – Modern Christian Literature

The Grandeur of God: The Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins

CultureCultural, Practical, and Special Topics

Verso l’Alto: The Pursuit of Perfection

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