The True Story Of The Inquisition

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood events in history is “the Inquisition”. Often cited as an example of cruelty and abuse of power by critics of the Catholic Church, this episode in history is surrounded my misinformation, fabricated and false statistics, and a lack of understanding as to the true nature of the Inquisition.

In this video, Christopher Check, the President of Catholic Answers, explores the true facts and reality of The Inquisition, wading through the inaccuracies and biases that normally accompany its discussion.

Some of the questions explored are:

  • What REALLY was the Inquisition?
  • How many people were actually tortured and executed?
  • Was The Catholic Church carrying out tortures and executions to force adherence?
  • How and why did the Inquisition get started?
  • Was the Inquisition was established to actually protect Christians?
  • Who was Torquemada?
  • How did modern concepts of justice and defendant rights develop out of the Inquisition?
  • Was it an act of the civil government or of the Church?
  • How did the Inquisition react towards Jew? Muslims? Protestants? 

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